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Located on the North Shore of Auckland, the NZ School of Fashion is the place to start casual sewing or your career in fashion.

At the School we aim to equip the students with skills they will use on a daily basis for years to come. Therefore, each and every sewing task or technique is equally important, as it presents students with an opportunity to acquire lasting skills.

After 35 years spent training others – the best advice I can offer students is to take responsibility for your own learning and growth. Motivation comes from within; you are your own best teacher.

If you have a desire to learn the skill and art of sewing and pattern drafting, don’t give up your dream.

"Marlene Kuba from Auckland in New Zealand has been tutoring sewing classes professionally for 35 years and was sewing professionally for 8 years before starting her first sewing classes.

Passing on her love and knowledge of sewing and pattern drafting has been an inspiring and wonderful experience and definatly her first love.

She has taught thousands of students both in New Zealand and South Africa the art of Sewing and Pattern Drafting, many have completed qualifications in fashion design, both at her fashion design academy and or at university. Therefore well equipped to help you reach your dream to sew for yourself or start your fashion career."

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