Certificate COURSES

  • Do you have a passion for fashion?

  • Are you full of creativity and looking for a way to express yourself?

  • Do you dream of creating beautiful clothes for yourself and others?

  • The choice is yours, you can complete the certificate at the NZ School of Fashion or as a Distance learning course.

If so, read on…

The dynamic world of fashion is all around us… magazines, television, newspapers. Whether it is the latest haute couture from the world’s top fashion shows or this season’s must-have little black dress from the high street, fashion has become an essential part of 21st-century life.

From the most exclusive designer names, to the cheap and cheerful supermarket casuals, there is no walk of life where fashion does not play a part. Its influence is everywhere and clothing has been transformed from an essential we all need, to our way of showing the world who we are.

There is no better time to study fashion than right now. NZ School of Fashion offers a certificate courses, designed to ensure our graduates are fully trained in the art of garment construction

Studying in your own time without having to give up your job or leaving your family thus ideal for the young mother.

The New Zealand School of Fashion using the latest teaching technology created by the founder Marlene Kuba has developed this course. With our teaching videoed lessons you are not left to try and decipher what the teaching manuals are expected of you, plus the help and encouragement from our experienced tutor, learning to sew like a professional has never been easier.
The programme is about 'Real World’ projects: making real garments for real people. It has equal focus on both the creative and technical aspects of garment construction.

Below are Screen Shots from the VIDEOED lessons used in the distance learning course.

Those undertaking this course will learn how to sew a variety of garments and construction techniques


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